A Day in the Life: Helen Weng

October 31 2018
A Day in the Life: Helen Weng

Let’s meet Helen – a marketing guru who began her career in DuPont’s polyester business. Today, she helps tout the message of Sorona® and its benefits to Chinese fabric mills and brands.

Name: Helen Weng

Title: DuPont™ Sorona® Marketing Manager - China

Background: Helen has worked with DuPont for over two decades. Immediately following her college graduation, she joined the DuPont team working in the polyester business. By the end of 2004, Helen was transferred to the Sorona® brand team, where she has worked in marketing and communications since.

Role: Helen regularly communicates with downstream customers, such as fabric mills and local brands, encouraging them to support international buying houses and incorporate Sorona® into their next season of clothing. Most recently, she’s also been working to onboard another new member of the Sorona® marketing team.

Most enjoyable part of career: Helen greatly enjoys fostering positive working relationships with employees at fabric mills and with brands. She believes that by building strong connections with business partners, both sides can come to more innovative and creative solutions using Sorona®.

Most exciting project: Helen is most excited about the work her team currently does with their brand customers. Thanks to their effort around educational programming such as workshops and seminars, more and more brands are hearing about Sorona® and its positive impact on fabric performance.

“More people are knocking on our door saying ‘my customer wants Sorona®’, which is always a great thing to hear! I’m proud of our continued innovation in the apparel space and collaboration with mills and brands to create products that have exceptional performance and delight customers. Collaboration plays such a key role in the work I do – I am thankful for the continued support from the larger team as well as all of our partners in the industry.”

Collaboration plays such a key role in the work I do – I am thankful for the continued support from the larger team as well as all of our partners in the industry
Helen Weng

Thoughts on working at DuPont: Helen says it’s very exciting to be a part of the Sorona® brand promotional force and that she has especially appreciated the growth opportunities at DuPont. Being able to dive further into sustainability and teach others about it on behalf of DuPont is something she enjoys.

Thoughts on the impact of Sorona®: “Ten years back, almost nobody knew what Sorona® was and no one understood sustainability and why it should matter to them. But in the next five years, we saw people’s attitudes change significantly due to the global trend towards environmental activism. Customers now understand that sustainability, in addition to performance, is extremely important to consider and is a reason why we’ve seen increased interest in Sorona®.”

Hobbies: Helen enjoys traveling to different parts of China and the world, but spends most of her spare time outside of work with her son.

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