Join our workshops at Performance Days 2019

April 14 2019

Performance Days Functional Fabric Fair: May 8-9, 2019

Exhibit hall: C6 | Room: P09/P10

Presenters: Matthew Cole & Hao Ding

Contact: with any questions or to schedule an appointment

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At DuPont, we’re creating sustainable, innovative, market-driven solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges. DuPont Biomaterials is poised to deliver through technologies such as DuPont™ Sorona®, a breakthrough bio-based, high performance polymer used in apparel. From yoga wear to denim to everything in-between, Sorona® minimizes the impact on the environment while offering unique performance benefits including incredible softness, stretch & recovery, and wrinkle resistance. If you’re curious to learn more about Sorona® performance and sustainability data, mill partners, co-branding opportunities, or new Sorona® applications in 2019, please come meet our team at Performance Days Functional Fabric Fair or send us a note to schedule time separately.

Sorona® Workshop Topics


Introduction to DuPont™ Sorona® | The bio-based performance fiber making apparel look good, feel good, do good:

Curious to learn more about DuPont™ Sorona®? This workshop will provide a general background about Sorona® including applications, performance attributes, and sustainability and certifications. Bring any questions you have as well – we will leave time for Q&A!

Beyond Elastane | DuPont™ Sorona® Comfort Stretch for long-lasting recovery performance:

The next big thing in stretch! Replace elastane (or spandex) with Sorona® stretch fibers to achieve long-lasting, mechanical stretch and excellent recovery with a better-for-the-planet profile. Unlike elastane, stretch from Sorona® doesn't breakdown overtime, with heat, washing, UV rays, or chlorine exposure meaning clothes continue to look, feel, and perform great each time you wear them. Sorona® is also dyeable and recyclable in any normal polyester recycling stream. Join this workshop to learn more about mechanical stretch and feel some samples for yourself!

Sorona® Insulation | Lightweight, breathable warmth:

Sorona® creates lightweight, breathable warmth in insulation. Insulation made with Sorona® is quick-drying and resilient, meaning your jacket is going to recover well; maintaining loft and keeping you dry and warm no matter the conditions. This workshop will cover the technical details of Sorona® for insulation, variations of Sorona® insulation (e.g. 100% Sorona, Sorona®/down blend, Sorona®/silk blend, Sorona®/rPET) and will dive into some of our new applications and partnership in the space.

Sorona® Fabric for Outerwear | Discover elegance with this bio-based, high-performance fiber:

Explore the world of DuPont™ Sorona® for outerwear in this workshop. We’ll walk through innovative ways Sorona® is incorporated into outerwear in all seasons. The highlight of this session will be our discussion on packable fabrics (or shape memory) and the benefits of using materials that have a great hand-feel, are wrinkle resistant, and stylish.

Sorona® & Naturals | Explore the performance benefits of combining DuPont™ Sorona® fibers with natural fibers:

With the natural quality of Sorona®, clothing becomes effortlessly soft and endlessly flexible. Sorona® fibers blend well with natural fibers, such as cotton, wool, linen, bringing in the performance benefits you need from a synthetic fiber, plus a fantastic hand-feel, creating an exceptional end product. Join this workshop to feel a variety of samples of Sorona® blended with natural fibers, ask questions, and discuss the innovation possibilities of each.

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