Meet the Sorona® Team: Steve Ackerman

September 15 2017
Meet the Sorona® Team: Steve Ackerman

Let's meet Steve, a material scientist who began his career on DuPont's Central Research & Development team. Today, he works closely with Sorona® carpet customers in Europe and India.

Title: Sorona® Carpet Channel Manager, DuPont Industrial Biosciences

Background: Steve grew up near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and studied chemistry at Lehigh University. He joined DuPont's Central Research & Development department, working as an Associate Investigator of Sorona® apparel applications before developing a focus on Sorona® carpet. Throughout this time, he earned a Master of Material Science and Engineering from University of Delaware.

Role: Over time, Steve began to work directly with Sorona® carpet customers, providing technical support - a role he held for four years. Now, Steve serves as Carpet Channel Manager for the European market. He is responsible for developing the value chain - from fiber spinning to carpet production to downstream distribution and retail sales. He is also focused on creating potential within automotive applications.

"There is enormous potential for Sorona® in the European residential carpet market - for the same reasons this fiber has been successful in other regions of the world. It's exciting to see our carpet presence in Europe starting to take shape."

Most enjoyable part of his career: Steve is passionate about the scientific process of discovering new applications for Sorona®, as well as the business side of bringing Sorona® to the world. He enjoys building partnerships with customers and working with the promotional team to raise awareness of the Sorona® fiber's potential.

"We have a great new energy and way of working together here at DuPont. It's forward-looking in a very exciting way."

Thoughts on the impact of Sorona®: "Bringing performance together with sustainability is more important than ever. Our team has done a lot to educate people about what we're trying to do. I think we're on the cusp of more widespread adoption and stronger name recognition. The work we've done in our traditional markets - apparel and carpets - is opening up doors to new applications and specialty products."

Hobbies: Steve keeps busy in his spare time, renovating his new home and building furniture.

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