The content of your fabric tells the world what you’re made of.
Apparel made with Sorona® fabric enables people to look good and feel good while doing good for our planet.

Fashion is home to visionaries who see a more sustainable future.

Sustainably sourced fabrics by Sorona® are ready for many applications. Its unique molecular structure makes the Sorona® polymer ideal for a wide range of apparel. Using different fiber variations – alone or blended with synthetic or natural fibers – Sorona® fabrics deliver performance benefits that matter to eco-conscious consumers.

NEW! Sorona® Preferred Mill Locator
Now customers and selected partners can access our list of preferred fabric mills producing Sorona® around the world. (available in the customer portal)
NEW! Sorona® Preferred Mill Locator

Sorona® is 37% plant based, using 30% less energy and emitting 50% less GHG (greenhouse gas) as compared to the production of nylon from non-renewable resources. In this day and age, that’s a great look.

The impact of using Sorona® is significant.

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It stretches. It bends. It comes back for more. A superior substitute for spandex, Sorona® Agile fabric fits an active, eco-conscious lifestyle.

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Go outside. And breathe. Sorona® Aura insulation does it all. Enjoy nature while wearing breathable, reliable clothing that helps keep you warm and the outdoors great.

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Fabric as nature intended, elevated. Sorona® Luxe fabric gives natural fiber blends a long-lasting, enhanced level of softness and comfort.

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Travel gracefully through life with Sorona® Profile fabric. Crease and wrinkle-resistant, it retains a tailored look out of the closet or the suitcase.

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When you’re working out, Sorona® Revive fabric keeps its shape. The rest is up to you.

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Discover an ethical fur alternative that’s also better for the planet. Luxurious, bio-based faux fur made with Sorona® fiber provides design flexibility, dyeability and uncompromising durability.

Sorona® fabrics are tested for content and performance through our Common Thread Certification Program. The transparency and traceability of this program ensures that your choice to partner with Sorona® is meaningful and impactful, today and in the future.