When you’re working out, it keeps its shape. The rest is up to you.

Sagging? Bagging? Not on our watch.

The dimensional stability of the Sorona® polymer in Sorona® Revive fabric provides outstanding shape recovery that keeps spandex-based designs in fine form.


Its softness brings added comfort to the most challenging physical undertakings.

It’s partially plant based which reduces its impact on the environment and certified by the Sorona® Common Thread Fabric Certification Program to ensure the origin and the high-performance standards of this innovative, sustainably sourced fabric.

Sorona® Revive is in it for the long run, providing shape retention beyond the last rep, mile or stretch.


The Sorona® polymer gives you the opportunity to offer a more eco-conscious product without compromising performance or increasing cost of production. Sorona® is more than the change we need – it’s an innovation that allows personal expression while activating a shared desire to improve our world.

Sorona® fabrics are tested for content and performance through our Common Thread Certification Program. The transparency and traceability of this program ensures that your choice to partner with Sorona® is meaningful and impactful, today and in the future.

Look good, feel good, do good
Look good, feel good, do good
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