Discover Luxurious, Bio-Based Faux Fur made with Sorona® Polymer Fiber

Make a high-end fashion statement that’s both elegant and ethical.

From outerwear and footwear to a range of accessories, Sorona® for faux fur provides limitless fur alternatives to push the boundaries of sustainable fashion.

NEW! Sorona® Preferred Mill Locator
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NEW! Sorona® Preferred Mill Locator

Introducing an ethical fur alternative that’s also better for the planet. Sorona® for faux fur is made with 70% to 100% bio-based Sorona® polymer fibers and can be mechanically recycled.

It’s partially plant based, which reduces its impact on the environment. Sorona® for faux fur won’t break down over time due to heat or UV rays—helping to lengthen the life of any garment. Sorona® for faux fur is an exceptionally soft, natural feeling animal fur alternative that provides design flexibility, dyeability and uncompromising durability.

Debuting a New Faux Fur Fabric made with Sorona® at Paris Fashion Week, Stella McCartney and Natalia Vodianova prove that you don't have to sacrifice style for sustainability.

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