Press Release


December 3 2021

This news is real, but the fur is faux (and bio-based!). Last night, Bravo’s “Project Runway”, Episode 1907: Are You Fur Real”, surprised contestants with a competition featuring faux fur made with Sorona®. Sorona® in collaboration with Ecopel developed Koba®, one of the first commercially available bio-based faux fur collections. In the Avant Garde challenge, designers were paired up and asked to select from over 200 yards of the plant-based and recyclable faux fur in a wide range of colors, patterns and lengths. Judges Nina Garcia and Elaine Welteroth were joined by guest judge Esteban Cortazar and famously avant garde actor and singer Billy Porter. Host and designer Christian Siriano called the sustainable faux fur “groundbreaking” and “amazing”. This timely episode airs as the industry is buzzing with major brands and media outlets taking a stance against animal fur.

After selecting from luxurious faux options that mimicked leopard, cheetah, coyote, wool, and rabbit, designers created looks that went far beyond the traditional coat. Designers Chasity Sereal & Prajjé Oscar Jean-Baptiste stole the show combining a structured pink Sorona® faux fur bodice and pillars with a bespoke street art style skirt.

"This episode of Bravo’s Project Runway is a call to action for the industry. Luxury and faux fur are not mutually exclusive,” says Sorona® Global Brand & Communications Leader Alexa Raab. “The world's most influential thought leaders in fashion and media are advocating for innovative, sustainable fabrics. We’re proud to answer the call with options like the bio-based faux fur we offer in collaboration with Ecopel, called Koba®.”

An ethical alternative that’s also better for the planet, faux fur made with bio-based Sorona® polymer fibers can be recycled. The exceptionally soft, natural feeling fur-alternative offers design flexibility, dyeability, warmth and uncompromising durability. Options are available in a range of lengths and colors providing limitless solutions for accessories, coats, linings, and more.

Stella McCartney was the first to debut a look with Sorona® faux fur during her Paris Fashion Week Spring 2020 show (image). Now, brands including Maison Atia and Karl Lagerfeld are featuring styles with Sorona® for faux fur. Following its debut, Sorona® faux fur received the ISPO Textrend “Best Product” Award in the Accelerated Eco category for the Fall/Winter 2021/22 season.

Promotional images and clips from Bravo’s “Project Runway” Episode 19.07 are available here.

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